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How to make your plan a success

Host, Zoe Close is joined by Principal Dentist, Dannick Jethwa in today’s episode of Bodcast on effective plan management. Dannick shares his tips and advice on making your dental membership plan a success, based upon his own experience as Principal Dentist at Spondon Dental Practice. 

What you’ll hear today:
  • The three key ingredients you need to constantly work on to make your dental plan a success
  • How to improve your patient journey to get them on-board with your dental membership plans
  • Dannick’s advice on recruiting, enrolling and maintaining patients on a plan.
Dannick-JethwaAbout Dannick Jethwa

Dr. Dannick Jethwa has been the Principal of Spondon Dental Practice in Derby since 2008. Dannick has completed diplomas in restorative dentistry and also with the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners at the Royal College of Surgeons of England. He’s also a member on the Derby City Local Dental Committee, representing general practitioners in the area.  In 2011, he was awarded ‘Best Young Dentist’ in the Midlands and UK.

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