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Jasmine discusses what her generation think the future of dentistry looks like

Dental foundation trainee, Jasmine Lobo shares her thoughts on how the reality of working in dentistry compares to her expectations before graduation. She talks about the choices faced by young dentists when it comes to planning for the future and touches on the way her peer group feel about working within the NHS.

What you will hear today:

  • The main challenges faced by a new graduate when entering general practice
  • Jasmine’s thoughts on younger dentists taking a specialist or secondary care route
  • The importance young dentists place on work life balance
  • The factors effecting young dentists career paths to practice ownership.

About Jasmine Lobo:

Jasmine LoboJasmine qualified in June 2017 from the University of Leeds. She is currently working as a dental foundation trainee in Swansea in a mixed NHS-private practice. At university she was the co-founder and chairwoman of Open Wide, a widening participation organisation for those from underprivileged backgrounds wanting to pursue dentistry. She was the first dental student at Leeds University to intercalate in microbiology and currently sits on the Junior Advisory Board for Wesleyan financial services.



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