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Reopening the practice doors

Michelle Hardy, Sales Support Manager talks to Helen Bodsworth about what has happened since reopening the doors as a Practice Manager.

With so many changes in the ways of working as practices reopen, we hear about how these have affected the team and patients.

What you’ll hear:
  • What has happened regarding returning to work for the team
  • How PPE and fallow has changed ways of working
  • How has patient prioritisation been implemented
  • How have patients reacted to returning to the practice
  • What have been the biggest challenges since reopening
Who should listen:
  • Practice Owners and Managers
  • Anyone who leads a team.

*Recorded on 10th July 2020


About Michelle:

Michelle Hardy is a Sales Support Manager at Practice Plan, the UK’s leading provider of practice-branded patient membership plans.

If you’re looking for more independence from the NHS or want to transform the profitability of your business through the combination of a well-populated plan and personalised support, call 01691 684165 or visit practiceplan.co.uk

About Helen:

Helen has a BA Hons Business Studies from Sheffield Hallam University and is also a qualified small Business Coach with 9 years experience of small business management.

Outside of work Helen likes to play Netball and plays up to 4 times per week across Warwickshire. When not playing Netball, she loves finding new adventures to go on with family and friends.

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