9 May 2024  •  Podcasts, Dental Landscape  •  2min read

The Dental Recovery Plan with Lauren Harrhy and Nigel Jones

Nigel Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Practice Plan Group discusses the Government’s Dental Recovery Plan with Lauren Harrhy, Principal Dentist and BDA Principal executive committee member.

What you’ll hear:

  • What does the plan really mean?
  • Changes in minimum UDA value
  • Rising costs for practices
  • Recruiting overseas dentists
  • Patients’ perceptions of NHS and private dentistry
  • Hopes for the future

About Lauren:

Lauren Harrhy is Principal Dentist and owner of Sparkle Dental Centre. Her focus for the past few years has been on helping to maintain the mental health of dental professionals. She is a founding member and current trustee of Confidental, a helpline providing emotional first aid and signposting to dentists in crisis. In addition to Co- chairing its Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, she is also on various other BDA committees as a representative.

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