26 Nov 2019  •  Podcasts, Practice Management  •  2min read

The role of hygienists and therapists in the future of dentistry

Practice director, Lesley Morgan Barlow discusses the role of therapists and hygienists. She touches on how those roles have changed, how patients perceive them and where they will fit into the dental team of the future.

What you’ll hear:

  • How the roles of therapist and hygienist have changed over time
  • What practices can do to ensure they’re maximising value from the therapist/hygienist
  • The role therapist and hygienists will take in practices in future.

Who should listen:
• All practice managers and owners
• Anyone considering employing a therapist
• Anyone considering buying a dental practice now or in the future.

About Lesley:
Lesley has been Practice Director at Synergy Dental Care, an award-winning dental practice in Staffordshire, for over 9 years. Before that she worked in HR for both the NHS and the legal sector. She has a wealth of business knowledge and has had much success in applying it to dentistry.

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