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Building Bridges, Smiles, and Patient Loyalty

In this guest blog, Dental Business Consultant, Lucie Simic, suggests ways to increase your patients’ loyalty to your practice.

As we approach 2024, I believe a crucial strategy for success next year will be cultivating patient loyalty. While acquiring new patients is undoubtedly important, focusing on retaining and strengthening the bond with existing patients is a game-changer. This is not just about providing quality dental care; it’s about building relationships and creating an experience that keeps patients coming back with a smile.

The Power of Patient Loyalty

Patient loyalty is not just a buzzword; it’s a commitment that pays dividends in the long run. Loyal patients not only contribute significantly to a practice’s revenue stream through ongoing treatments, but they also become practice ambassadors, referring friends and family. In an era where word-of-mouth marketing is as potent as ever, the value of a satisfied, loyal patient cannot be overstated.

Communication is Key

One of the pillars of patient loyalty is effective communication. Dental practices should strive to establish clear, open lines of communication with their patients. This involves more than just appointment reminders. Regular newsletters, personalised emails and social media updates can keep patients engaged and informed about the latest in dental care.

Beyond Necessity: Discretionary Dentistry

To take patient loyalty to the next level, dental practices should tap into the realm of discretionary dentistry — services that patients want rather than need. Whether it’s cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening, or other elective treatments, creating a space for discretionary dentistry can be a win-win. Patients get the smile they desire, and practices unlock additional revenue streams.

Membership Plans: A Win-Win Solution

Membership plans are the most effective way to secure patient loyalty. Offering a subscription-based model, these plans often cover preventive care and offer discounts on other services. This not only ensures regular visits for essential dental care but also provides patients with a sense of financial security.

Going the Extra Mile

To truly stand out, dental practices should go the extra mile for their loyal patients. Consider offering personalised experiences, such as birthday discounts, special promotions, or complimentary services. This not only strengthens the patient-practice relationship but also creates memorable moments that patients will share with their networks.

The Road Ahead

As we step into 2024, dental practices must recognise the untapped potential within their existing patient base. By prioritising effective communication, embracing discretionary dentistry, and offering enticing incentives for loyalty, practices can not only retain their patients but also thrive in a competitive healthcare landscape. Remember, patient loyalty is not just about healthy smiles; it’s about building lasting connections that withstand the test of time.

About Lucie

Lucie Simic is a Dental Business Consultant and has worked in the dental industry for nearly a decade, helping practices increase their turnover and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Lucie’s background is in journalism, and she has applied these skills to the dental industry. She managed a strategic business plan which transformed a three-chair practice into a seven-surgery referral hub in three years. Lucie has assisted many practices around the UK with their own journey and now works alongside Ashley Latter, delivering his training courses.


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