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A Day in the Life… Gayle Collett

With The Dentistry Show in full flow last Friday and Saturday the entire team were on the go non-stop for two days. Luckily for us, our Head of Marketing, Gayle Collett managed to squeeze in a quick interview, giving us a ‘backstage’ insight into what a day working at a dental show is really like!

PP: What time did your day start?
GC: Dentistry Show decided to test us this year by opening its doors at 9 am! So it was an early start with stand briefing commencing at 7:45 am! That said, there was loads to brief this year because as well as the Practice Plan stand, we also partnered with The Dentistry Show to deliver workshops across the two days in what was billed as the Practice Plan Workshop Theatre – a 60 seater theatre hosting the very best speakers in dentistry!

PP: What did you get up to over the duration of the show?
GC: Talking, greeting, welcoming, talking, greeting, welcoming! Our presence at exhibitions is very much about catching up with our existing clients as well as welcoming new clients in! I absolutely love understanding the key challenges practices are facing and looking at any business support services we may have to help them tackle this challenge! It would also be rude not to indulge in a ‘little’ glass of fizz from the Practice Plan Fizz Bar – after all, our clients don’t want to drink by themselves.

PP: How many clients did you talk to?
GC: I’ve lost count (and that’s not because I drank too much fizz!) – it was the busiest Friday for talking to clients, partners and service providers that I can remember in a long time! It’s always great to receive a visit from clients, new and old. I also love wandering around the show talking to other exhibitors seeing how products, equipment and practice challenges are evolving over time.

PP: What time did your day finish? 

GC: Friday night was a bit of late one as I was privileged enough to get a ticket to attend the Dental Awards, where I saw a couple of our practices scoop an award! That said, knowing day 2 of the exhibition was fast approaching, I made it to bed at a respectable 12:05 am!

PP: What has been the best part of your day and why? 
GC: Can I have two best parts?! I love arriving at the stand on day 1 – it’s pristine and untouched at that point, and so from a marketing perspective, it’s the most perfect it can be! The other best bit is catching up with our practice teams – they always manage to take the time to come and say hello! It might have something to do with the fact that we always have either a thirst quenching cocktail or a glass of fizz close by!

PP: What do you love the most about your job and why?
GC: Not to be cheeky, but can I have two again? 😉 The day to day variety is fantastic – no two days are the same, no two conversations are the same and so this makes for a very varied job. Most of all though, I love the conversations I have whether it’s getting to know a certain practice a little better, or chatting to a media publisher about forthcoming advertising plans! What do they say? Variety is the spice of life! I definitely have that at Practice Plan!

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