6 May 2016  •  Our News  •  3min read By  • Suki Singh

A Day in The Life of a Regional Support Manager – Suki Singh

One of the things that I love about my role as a Regional Support Manager with Practice Plan is that every day is different and today I’ve visited four practices, all for very different reasons!

The first stop was one of our Medenta clients. It was uplifting to hear that they are really happy with the support they’re receiving and have been using our remote e-sign facility for quite a while now. This facility allows our practices to offer their patients an online sign-up for patient finance, meaning they can either complete their application in the practice or in the comfort of their own home. It’s working really well for them, meaning they are able to make treatments more affordable to more of their patients.

Next stop was a hop over to Bolton to meet with the team at one of my practices there. They have been working more closely with me over the last few months and have seen their patient numbers almost double! I’m more than convinced that there is potential to increase that even further over the coming months.

It’s always great to work with a practice that wants to work with you and build a close working relationship.

Part of this practice’s success is that they are really keen to make use of the other services that Practice Plan offers its clients, such as marketing and business advice as well as training. It’s always great to work with a practice that wants to work with you and build a close working relationship. This has been shown by one of the team attending one of my CQC regional events recently, plus they have also asked us to help them to create a referral pack for both of their practices.

My final appointment was at a practice that have recently changed plan provider to Practice Plan and they are thrilled at how well the switch has gone and how very straightforward it has been. They have had some new team members join them recently so I did a refresher training session with the whole team to help them brush up on their skills and knowledge on how to promote their dental membership plans. Although it was all-new for the more recent recruits, the rest of the team also found it a valuable refresher!

Today has been another busy and varied day for me but as is the case with most days, there have been some great highlights; my favourite of which was hearing a client say to me: ‘There’s so much more to Practice Plan than just collecting money for plans” and witnessing a dentist, who shall remain nameless, do a little happy dance after signing up a patient for a pretty big treatment plan!

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