12 Apr 2016  •  Our News  •  2min read By  • Eleanor Young

A Day in The Life of a Regional Support Manager – Eleanor Young

What’s a day in the life of a Practice Plan Business Development Manager like? Well, the first thing to say is that there’s never time to get bored or complacent as every day is so different!

You might imagine that we’re on the road all day, every day but as well as supporting our practices ‘in-house’ there’s also an admin side to the job too, so today started off in my home-office.  Only after updating the records for our corporate practices, finalising a practice conversion proposal and completing the paperwork to get the ball rolling for two new practices is it time to head out onto the roads and meet up with my colleague Zoe.

Preparation at home

We’re visiting one of the practices that I look after to help them with their BDA Good Practice application. The practice is really keen to achieve this and Zoe’s help here is invaluable as she has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area which is hugely benefitting the practice.

In an industry that changes frequently, it’s vital we keep up-to-date from a support standpoint so going through the process of application for BDA Good Practice has been a really useful exercise for me. We also took a look at the recent changes to DBS/CRB checks, up-to-date CPD requirements and this particular practice’s new approach to tracking practice communications!

In practice support

So, with follow-up appointments made, and more paper-work in the bag, Zoe and I have got just enough time to grab a cup of coffee and catch-up on the latest Practice Plan news and updates. Before we go our separate ways we both agreed that one of the highlights of the day has been the parting comment from the compliance nurse in the practice:

‘I’m just going to go for it, you’ve inspired me!’

And, it’s comments like that which inspire me to keep doing the best I can for our clients and make sure that with help from Practice Plan, they always achieve their desired business outcomes!


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