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Beth Brown Introduces Practice Plan Regional Events

Beth Brown, Events and Marketing Assistant at Practice Plan, introduces a new series of events that are taking the country by storm.

For those of you who’ve been on Facebook in the last few days, you’ll have probably seen your fair share of ‘Regional Event’ pages popping up and be wondering what they’re all about – I’m here to uncover the mystery and explain what they are and why we’re doing them.

From reading the feedback forms that get dutifully filled out after our events and hearing practices’ comments given to our Regional Support Managers, we spotted a trend in practices wanting to attend low-cost, local events to fulfill their training needs (and top-up on verifiable CPD hours). On the back of this feedback, we have developed a series of Regional Events, covering the length and breadth of the country, from Exeter to Aberdeen to Norfolk – locations that have largely been untouched by us here in the Events Team!

The topic of our Regional Events depends entirely on the demand in each area. Practices let us know what training they are in need of and we parachute in a key industry speaker to provide them with the required training!

The first of the Regional Events kicked off at the end of April with an E-marketing session in Southampton, hosted by ApexHub co-founder Brendon Macdonald and since then we’ve had an event based on turning telephone enquiries into consultations with Richard Collard, Director of Medenta Finance, as well as three events with Sheila Scott, Dental Business Consultant, focusing on people management and patient journey – all of which went down a storm!

Now we’ve got the first few events under our belt, we’re gaining momentum and have a busy few weeks ahead of us. The next events in the calendar include ‘How to Create an Emotional Website’ with Krishan Joshi, CEO of Dental Focus, and a ‘CQC Workshop’ to get up to speed with the latest CQC changes with Pat Langley, Chief Executive of Apolline. Looking further on in the year, we’ve got some more great speakers lined up to host events with us, including Ashley Latter and Chris Barrow, to name just a couple.

If you’ve read this and are still thinking ‘what’s so special about your Regional Events?’ Well, they are…

Bespoke to each area – we listen to feedback and host events based on the demand for key topics in specific areas.
Short and sweet – the events are typically afternoon sessions lasting three to four hours, which means that practices don’t have to close for a whole day to attend an event.
Not too far away – we’re putting on events in more locations than we ever have before.
Open to all – we’re throwing the doors open to Practice Plan members and non-members too.
Relaxed – an informal afternoon listening to key industry speakers with a cup of tea in hand!
Cost-effective – getting all this for as little as £25 makes for a win-win afternoon!

If you want to find out more about our Regional Events or are keen to join us at an event in your area, have a look at our events page for more details.

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