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Josie Hutchings’ Top Tips on HR and Leadership!

Those of you who know Michael Bentley will know how enthusiastic and passionate he is, especially about the subject of practice management!

Having recently attended Michael’s HR and leadership event for Practice Managers in Solihull, Regional Support Manager Josie Hutchings gives us an insight into her top tips from the day.

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It’s always a fun day watching Michael present. Not only is Michael entertaining, he knows his stuff too! Having worked as a Practice Manager, Treatment Coordinator and Dental Nurse, Michael has many fresh, inspiring ideas that you can easily implement in your practice tomorrow, so I arrived in Solihull with my notepad and pen at the ready…

It’s hard to pick out just a few tips from such a jam-packed day, but here are some of the key, thought-provoking ideas I took away from the day:

  • Passion comes from leaders. Practice managers need to understand their team members’ passions and what makes them ‘tick’. Understanding this will help you to delegate tasks appropriately and get the best out of your team, as what one person finds mundane, another team member may get a real buzz from.
  • Think about how you organise your diary. Having ‘open door’ slots for your team to be able to pop in to speak to you and having specific times to respond to emails and make calls will enable you to structure your day better and be more focused.
  • Managing and leading are different – but you need to do both. Management encourages structure and consistency on a day-to-day basis, whereas leadership encourages change and establishes direction for the long-term vision of your practice. Both of these are essential for the smooth running and progression of your practice.
  • Recruit your team for the long run. When you are recruiting, make sure you employ the person who fits with your long-term vision for the practice, avoid having a knee-jerk reaction and employing the first person who walks through the door because you need a nurse!


Often practice managers feel quite isolated in their role, so it was a real morale boost to be in a room with so many like-minded people that understand the stresses and pressures of being a practice manager and to share problems and ideas. It’s good to know you’re not alone!

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For more details about the Practice Management in Focus – HR & Leadership event, and to see which other locations the event is taking place in, visit our events page.


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