7 Mar 2014  •  Our News  •  4min read By  • Sarah Whittall

Phew – What A Show That Was!

This week, guest blogger Sarah Whittall, Events and Marketing Coordinator at Practice Plan, joins us for a catch-up on the goings-on at The Dentistry Show.

Well I wasn’t joking when I said in my pre-show blog that it would be a busy couple of days! My feet are in bits!

It’s a few days after the big event and we’ve had just enough time to come down from the high of a show that saw not one but two Practice Plan stands as well as a theatre hosting The Business Skills Workshops, which made its first ever appearance at The Dentistry Show!

With cocktails on one stand and bookings for the Theatre being taken on the other, there was certainly no time to put your feet up!

The ever-popular cocktail bar was in full swing from the off and saw visitors to the stand greeted with a tasty choice of cocktails and mocktails. After all, it’s never too early!

An early start was also in store for the theatre booking stand and I think it’s safe to say that it went down a storm! Pre-bookings in the final days leading up to the show saw many of Friday’s lectures already full before the show had even started – little did we know it was a sign of things to come!

Both Friday and Saturday saw show visitors queuing up on the booking stand to secure their theatre spot and see their chosen speaker. With 10 top speakers on the bill, show visitors were literally spoilt for choice and by Friday lunchtime, all seats for the day were sold out. Keen not to miss out, canny show visitors cottoned on to the fact that pre-booking was key and many chose to book their Saturday lectures the day before. A good move indeed!

Both days of the show saw seats quickly filled with standing room only in many of the lectures. Some were so filled to the brim, there was barely enough room inside to let people out! After all, when Ashley Latter is telling you that ‘You are worth it’ and giving you his 10 top tips on how to talk about money with confidence, who wouldn’t be eager for a spot?

As if seeing their speaker of choice wasn’t enough reward, theatre attendees were also treated to a handy take-away filled with the 10 top tips from each of the speakers all ready and waiting for them to take back to the practice and put into place straight away!

And if all of that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we also tried our hand at creating our very own version of the timely classic ‘Amarillo’. With our very own Marketing Director Les Jones at the helm, members of the Practice Plan team, together with other well-known industry faces, donning their best singing voices, smiled and shimmied their way around the show floor all in aid of the charity Bridge2Aid.

So, that was this year’s Dentistry Show. If you missed it, don’t worry, just keep your eyes peeled for the Amarillo video as it will be available to view soon and one thing’s for sure, you won’t be disappointed, it’s a real hoot! You may also want to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter posts as we’ll be releasing snippets of the top tips from each speaker.

And here’s one to whet your appetite, Sheila Scott’s top tip on how to engage and motivate your team: ‘It’s not all about you… it’s all about the team. Pay attention to nurturing and developing your team and your team will develop your business.’

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