10 Jul 2014  •  Our News  •  1min read

Practice Plan Supports Concerns Over Recent GDC Advertisement.

Following the recent publication of a full-page advertisement in The Telegraph newspaper on 4th July which appears to encourage patients to bypass local resolution in favour of engaging with the dental complaints service (DCS), Practice Plan has expressed its concerns in correspondence sent to Evlynne Gilvarry, Chief Executive of the GDC.

In an extract from the letter, Practice Plan comments that, “whilst no one can argue with the importance of ensuring that patients who have a legitimate grievance about their dental care have an awareness of the potential avenues for pursuing a complaint, the wording of this particular advertisement would seem to increase the chance of a dispute escalating when it should be seeking to achieve the opposite.”

With the above in mind, Practice Plan is asking the GDC to review any plans they may have for future advertisements of this nature.

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