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Five tips to creating engaging posts on social media!

31 million people in the UK alone use Facebook – that’s equivalent to 60% of the population!* With so many people actively using Facebook, it makes it an incredibly powerful marketing tool for your business. Not only can it assist you in building relationships with your patients but it can also help you to attract new ones through the door.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when creating and posting content for your dental practice on Facebook, so to lend a helping hand here are five simple tips to give you some food for thought to help you get started!

  1. Drive traffic to your website

Where appropriate, always include a link to a relevant page on your website to drive more people there. By doing this, they will be able to explore your site to discover more about your services and hopefully discover even more about what you can offer them!

  1. Create a two-way conversation

Social media does exactly what it says on the tin – encourages people to be social! So why not have a little fun and hold a caption contest for a photo taken in the practice or encourage your customers to share their thoughts and feedback with you by asking a question about their dream smile. Don’t forget to respond to people’s comments and get those conversations flowing!

  1. Use engaging, images and copy

Photos and videos get more attention and help your content to stand out in a busy newsfeed. Try sharing images of charity events in the practice or customer success stories to engage prospective new patients or your existing ones. Keep your posts short and succinct – ideally with between 100 and 250 characters. We pulled together all of our handy oral health-focused tips for patients in one place, so you can download them for free and post on your own Facebook page! [LINK]

  1. Share exclusive discounts and promotions

Whether it’s “whitening Wednesday’s” or a seasonal implant offer, let people know about them by posting about what you’re offering. Make sure you have a clear link to the most relevant page on your website, clear instructions on how to take advantage of the offer and include when the promotion ends to add a sense of urgency!

  1. Schedule your posts

To help you to better manage your time, you can schedule all of your posts on Facebook. This is simple to do and means that you can post your content at any time of the day as well as during holidays, without the need to physically do it every time – meaning you’re not constantly having to think about posting to your page! Here’s a guide on how to do this.

By adopting these five simple tips, you can create more engaging Facebook posts which not only show the personality of your practice but also showcase your services to both potential new patients and your existing ones!

*Avocado Social


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