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Gary Nelson shares his ‘Motiv 8 Plan’ on how to motivate yourself and your practice over eight weeks…

Motivation is the force that guides behaviours.

We may be out of a total lockdown, however practices are still working under restrictions and rules, and it is likely some of you may need a little motivation here and there. So, how about making a ‘Motiv 8 Plan’ for eight weeks.

Just how does a business owner, a leader or a manager create an environment or plan that engages employees to perform to the best of their talents?

It is often recognised that there are two types of motivation, so let’s see if we can design it around these. There is extrinsic motivation, where individuals are motivated to perform an activity to earn a reward. So here are eight really easy tips to help with motivation and morale in what could be a challenging period for you, your team and your patients.

Tip One: Set small weekly goals

The power of setting short weekly goals could give individuals a quick boost and have a positive impact on the team.

These could be system goals or social media goals. In fact, as long as they are short and everyone buys in to them, then they could be anything.

Especially if they are linked with extrinsic motivation.

Tip Two: Celebrate results

By setting smaller weekly goals, it gives you more opportunities to celebrate results.

It could be ordering in coffee and scones, giving people Just Eat vouchers on a Friday, or something decided by the team.

Small goals = faster results = more opportunities to reward results. (Extrinsic motivation)

Tip Three: Stop to recognise great work

Time and time again those two little words, ‘thank you’, said with real meaning and in person can mean so much in terms of helping with morale and motivation.

Take the time to say thank you to your team for supporting you in helping your patients. (Extrinsic motivation)

Tip Four: Stay fuelled

As the Snickers advert states, ‘you wouldn’t like me when I’m hangry’.

So take in food, coffee and tea on regular breaks.

Do not get to the hangry point and don’t forget to build in regular team breaks.

Keeping healthy snacks available in the workplace is an easy way to help your team maintain energy levels throughout the day.

The cost of providing them will likely be offset by your team’s increased productivity. (Extrinsic motivation)

Tip Five: Share your thoughts and your plan with the team

Talk to your team members about how their role fits into the big picture of where you see things panning out in the months ahead.

You can help boost motivation in the workplace by ensuring your team understands how each of their efforts impacts the business, customers, and the local community.

Remember back to April 2020 and how your practice became the heart of the community with many of you sharing, caring and even entertaining on social media?

You could get back to becoming the heart of communities again by looking at ways to help those less fortunate.

The lockdown may well be shorter this time, but it could be hard for many. (Extrinsic motivation)

Tip Six: Positive thought for the day

You could use a chalk board, a white board or some sticky notes.

Make sure there are lots of positive messages flying around to help ward off negativity.

Each team member has a designated day to come up with a thought for the day or a quote of the day.

Some might be positive with a lot of meaning while some might just make everyone laugh.  (Intrinsic motivation)

Tip Seven: Change your phizzy

Music, exercise and other activities can have a positive impact on the physical state of you and your team members.

Change the playlist in the practice or perhaps get team members to design a playlist each week of positive tracks.

Perhaps go for a lunchtime walk and have a team steps challenge. Change your phizzy and change your morale.

Tip Eight – Remember FUN

In times like these, we sometimes need to go looking for fun, because it does not readily pop up.

You will be amazed at how a little bit of fun can have an impact on the morale and motivation of your team.

As crazy as it sounds, go in search of fun each week because laughter is still the best medicine.

Invest the time to look at morale, invest the time to look at motivation and invest time to make a ‘Motiv 8 Plan’.











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