7 May 2019  •  Marketing and Design  •  2min read By  • Practice Plan

How to tell if your practice needs a rebrand

Laura explains some of the key signs to watch out for as ‘red flags’ that illustrate your practice brand might be in need of a refresh and the potential impact of not updating your brand when it needs it.

What you’ll hear:
  • What constitutes your brand
  • Ways an out of date brand can damage your business
  • Five indicators that its time to refresh your brand.

Who should listen:
  • Practice owners who have not changed their branding in a while
  • Anyone who has recently bought an existing practice.
About Laura Weaver:

Laura forms part of the Practice Marketing team at Practice Plan, acting exclusively on the behalf of Practice Plan dental practices across the country to bring their marketing strategies to life. Covering a wide range of marketing requirements, from simple flyer drops to full rebranding exercises, Laura provides advice and support to help marketing campaigns run smoothly and effectively to increase patient numbers, treatment uptake and awareness in the local area.

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