7 Jul 2022  •  Mental Health  •  3min read By  • Lou Bone

Five small ways to lift your mood and spirit

Here, we look at five ways you can lift your own mood and spirit and that of your staff…

We can all feel a little bit low sometimes, and that could be down to things at home, stuff at work, or even other things like, for example, the weather!

It’s normal to have a few down days every now and then. On my travels visiting the many practices that I do, I’m all too aware that practice life can be stressful, but there are a few little things you can tell your staff to do, and do yourself, that can help perk up and lift people’s moods.


This is possibly one of the smallest and simplest pieces of advice – however it is amazing how much of a difference smiling can make to your mood and spirit.

Smiling releases a mood boosting hormone, so even if you are feeling a bit low inside, putting on a smile can help build up your positivity. And it can also rub off on others in the practice and help to lift their mood.

Keep busy

Keeping busy is really easy to do when you’re in the practice, because the workload is never ending at the moment. However, if your mood is a bit low when you are at home, then it is important to keep yourself occupied.

A big thing that can help lift mood and keep your spirits up is getting stuck into a task and having something to concentrate on. It might just be something to keep you occupied, such as taking the dog for a walk or doing the dishes.

Talk to someone

Having a conversation with someone can always be a big help to combat low mood. Sometimes it helps to pick up the phone and chat with a friend or go out and meet them for a walk or a coffee.

That interaction and a change of scenery can help to take your mind away from whatever is causing you to feel a bit down.

Helping others

Research shows that your mood is instantly boosted when you do something to help another person. A random act of kindness such as donating to a food bank, or volunteering can help you to feel better and lift your spirits.

It feels uplifting and rewarding to help others and offer a hand to those who need it, so this might be the thing you choose to help lift your mood.

Live in the moment

How many times have you been hung up about something that happened in the past, or been worried about something in the future that you can’t control?

We all do it and it can impact on our mood and spirit. Living in the moment can really help to feel relaxed. A good tip to take on board is to detach yourself from everything else and just take time to focus on your breathing, and don’t think about anything aside from what is happening right now.

It is amazing the difference it can make and the calm it can bring to you.

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