4 Sep 2021  •  Mental Health  •  2min read By  • Gary Nelson

The importance of happy thinking

Regional Support Manager Gary Nelson looks at the importance of happy thinking and how it can improve your practice….

There are many things we cannot control in this crazy world we currently live in, however, one thing we can control is how we think.

Last week I had a good catch up with a friend of mine, and after a normal chat I left and realised it had left a real impact on me and given me a ‘”doh” moment’, a real moment, when I thought, ‘Gary you idiot, how could you ever forget that simple life lesson’.

Our chat was a simple, everyday conversation about how being and feeling happy is important, and how having things in our lives that make us happy are so important.

And that got me on to something l like to call the importance of happy thinking.

Happy thinking

We all need a reminder sometimes about how good happy thinking can be for us, and how a little thought or a conversation can perk us up and make us feel happier.

Think about this right now, how many times a day do you laugh, or smile? Or stop and observe what makes you happy? ‘Not enough’ is probably the answer, although there will be things in your day that do make you happy.

I am just getting back to my 7 am walks now after my holiday, and they always have a positive impact and make me feel good.

So that is what you need to do; look at the things that make you smile or make you happy, and really remember them.

It is a fact that most of us have had a wretched time over the last 18 months and, although there have been winners and losers on a business front, we have pretty much been force-fed negative news which leaves many, if not all of us, feeling jaded.

So, with one of the things we can control being how we think, going forward, as we get back to normality, let’s think positive thoughts and think about what makes us happy.

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