23 Mar 2016  •  Dentistry Confidence Monitor  •  2min read By  • Alun Rees

Alun Rees’ views on the results of the Third NHS Confidence Monitor

The recent NHS Confidence Monitor surveys reflect my own experiences about the condition of dentistry in the UK. Morale is poor across the board, especially in practices that are dependent upon the NHS for their livelihood. We are used to seeing downbeat opinions from dentists but this time the views of some team members have been sought and they also share those feelings.

The fact that fewer than a third of those asked would recommend dentistry as a career to a friend or family member saddens me and is a savage indictment of the way the profession has been treated by successive governments.

It is also clear that at an age when professionals should be looking to enjoy the experience they have gained and flourish in their later years, they can’t wait to retire.

NHS dentistry across the UK is in a bad way and these results show that it is getting worse year on year. In many cases, I believe the system is only being kept going by the dedication and professionalism of those working within it. I do wonder how much longer this can go on.

To read the full results of the Third NHS Confidence Monitor, click here.

About Alun

Alun is an experienced dentist and qualified coach who has been coaching dentists and dental teams since 2005.

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