In the 2019 survey, over 400 NHS and private dentists took part, answering questions on:

  • NHS dentistry and the reformed contract
  • Dentistry and the GDC
  • Happiness levels in NHS and private dentistry
  • The mental health of dental professionals.

In each section, large numbers of respondents chose to leave comments expressing how they felt in more detail. A representative sample of these have been included in the report alongside insight from key opinion leaders such as Eddie Crouch, John Renshaw and Simon Thackeray.

It is quite obvious from the 2019 results that the state of dentistry today is not what it should be and what the profession would like it to be.

Simon Thackeray | Principal and Owner | Thackeray Dental Care

Results of the 2019 survey

Is dentists’ mental health at risk?

In the 2019 survey, 84% of NHS dentists said their current role has negatively affected their mental health, 51% of private dentists said the same.


Download the 2019 results

Do you feel that your current role has had an effect on your mental health?

Uncertainty about the future

84% of dentists with NHS involvement say they are not confident in their knowledge of the proposed new NHS contract, however 61% of dentists think it will be more work and 73% think it will decrease their profitability.

Download the 2019 results

How confident are you in your knowledge of the proposed new contract?

From what you know about the proposed new NHS contract, how do you think your profitability and workload will be affected?

Lack of confidence in the GDC

Less than 10% of all dentists were confident that the GDC would handle a complaint about them appropriately.

Download the 2019 results

How confident are you that the GDC would handle any complaint against you appropriately?

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