5 Nov 2014  •  Marketing and Design, Practice Management  •  2min read By  • Richard Collard

Assess the Issues

‘Measure new Enquiries’ is today’s top tip courtesy of Richard Collard from Medenta.

You may already think you’re doing this, but what exactly is it you’re measuring? Is it just the number of new enquiries you receive or is it the price of the dentistry that potential patients are enquiring about?

By looking at new enquiries from a price point of view you can then quantify what you may be missing out on in hard cash. You may be surprised by the outcome prompting you to become smarter with converting those enquiries into a consultation.

So, take a minute to think about this…

If your reception team are approached by five patients over a week for the cost of an implant, which come at a cost of around £2,000, that could be worth £10,000 of treatment per week.

If those potential patients were then to take up the implant treatment, that would equate to £520,00 per annum.

Should all of those people then also become regular clients and take out a membership plan paying £150 per annum, that would add another £39,000 to your annual revenue.

So, by successfully converting the new enquiries into consultations, you could be better off to the tune of £559,000.

Sounds great right? By ensuring your team are trained with this in mind, you’d be amazed at the difference it could make to your treatment uptake rate.

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