12 Aug 2015  •  Practice Management  •  2min read By  • Sheila Scott

Be Persistent for Solutions

Once you’ve had a discussion with a team member about improving what they do or how they do things, don’t assume the matter is done and dusted.

All of our habits are hard to break – even something as simple as the direction Anne sweeps the floor in will be a habit that is hard for her to break, even though you’ve agreed she will change. We all need constant and continual encouragement to learn new patterns of behaviour, so tell team members you will follow up on the discussion to see how they’re getting on, and give encouragement when they make small changes towards the desired end result!

You may have to have six or seven conversations with Anne in order to ensure she embeds a new habit in the practice, and if these are encouraging, helpful conversations, she will find the new habit easier to sustain, proving that persistence is the key when you’re looking for the desired final solution.

There are lots of workshops and sources of help available – talk to your Practice Plan Regional Support Manager about our Regional Events, designed to support practice teams develop skills such as those Sheila mentions above.

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