16 May 2014  •  Practice Management, Our News  •  3min read By  • Sarah Whittall

Calling all Practice Management Teams!

The Bolton Practice Management Conference is only a couple of weeks away and the preparations are well underway.  The speakers are lined up and ready to go and the topics are already getting people talking. This one-day event is being held in Bolton on 6th June and Reading on 27th June and is guaranteed to be one of the best yet!  As always, we’ve got some of the top dental industry experts presenting at the event, which focuses on developing the skills needed to successfully run a dental practice.

Having worked with a few of the speakers at other events, I’m really looking forward to meeting up with them again. I worked with Sheila Scott, a leading dental business consultant, on the recent The Perfect Patient Journey events. She will focus on people management at this event, showing delegates how to ask for a change in behaviour effectively and without causing conflict. Practice Plan’s Sales Director Nigel Jones is back by popular demand to explain how creating a measurement culture within a practice can give you the right information to make better and more confident business decisions. Knowing both of them, they will definitely be leaving people with lots to think about.

Two new speakers to the Practice Management Conference are Kevin Lewis, Dental Director of Dental Protection, who will be advising delegates on how to safeguard their practices, and Krishan Joshi, founder of Dental Focus, who has an interactive demonstration lined up to explain how dental websites can, if designed correctly, speak directly to patients and encourage them to book an appointment. I’ve been talking a lot to Krishan about his presentation and I think it’s really going to make an impact with lots of practical tips for attendees.

I think it’s going to be an action-packed day full of interesting presentations with lots of ideas to take back to practice.

New for 2014 are the networking time slots, this is where attendees will get more time to talk to each other and discuss any other issues they face from day to day.  Over the last few years, delegates have said that speaking with other teams is one of the most beneficial parts of the conference.

Here’s a video of last year’s conference to give you an idea of what you can expect from the event.


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