25 May 2015  •  Practice Management  •  2min read By  • Ashley Latter

Create Value

‘Create Value’ is today’s top-tip from sales coach, Ashley Latter.

Ashley’s advice is to stop using the words price, cost or fees when discussing a treatment plan, but instead to focus what the patient’s investment will be. After you have used the word investment, then tell the patient what’s included in the price. Explain to them what they get for their money. Most patients don’t know what is involved, so here is where you need to educate them.

To make the point Ashley has this perfect example;

Would it be fair to say that when you fit a crown for the patient they assume that the crown comes out of a drawer, and goes straight into their mouth?

That why the patient might find the cost of the crown expensive when you say it will cost them £450. However, if you explain what it is their investing in they may be a little more understanding. Your explanation might go something like this:

‘Your treatment plan includes the fitting of a temporary crown whilst we send work with a skilled technician who will design and hand-craft a crown completely bespoke to you. Once he has finished and we have received the crown back, we will check everything is as it should be and then fit it for you. The fee includes the technicians bill as well as a 12 month guarantee.’

Can you see the difference?

Let’s explore some of these words; manufactured, bespoke, hand-crafted, by a skilled technician. They all sound like its done especially for this patient, which as we know it is.

So, when explaining treatment plans with your patients, explain to the patient what exactly is included in the treatment plan, not just the end result.

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