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Creating a Great Team

Guest blogger, Kevin Rose shares his top tips on how to create and maintain a top-notch team!

Getting teams working together more effectively is something I often get asked about when I talk to dental practice owners and their managers. For some, past attempts to improve this have been successful but, for others, not so and as a result, they’ve been left wondering why the results are inconsistent.

Although the option of a pay rise or bonus seems like an easy way to create a positive effect, it usually only lasts in the short term, which is why I’d suggest forgetting about these quick fixes and instead get back to basics.

Creating motivation – The Why?

To motivate your team to follow you, you need to be absolutely clear on what your plans are for your business – only when you’re absolutely clear on the direction of your business and when your team understand it, can you expect to see results.

To help create clarity around your vision, begin by thinking about how your plans and your vision can manifest into realistic and achievable outcomes for your team to share with you. This won’t work with woolly suggestions either; spell it out in real terms. “We are going to make this fun for us and our patients. We will have objectives and when we achieve them, you will share in the success – including financial success and recognition.”

When you’re creating ‘The Why’ keep asking yourself why you expect your team to be motivated by your plans. What’s in it for them?

Creating confidence – The What?

As the leader of a great team, you’ll be able to clearly communicate exactly what you and your team are going to do to achieve your plans and create achievable deadlines for completing the tasks.

Not only will this help you to take ownership for leading your business, but it will also give your team the confidence in you that they want from their leader. Don’t confuse this with management though.

Managing the business on a day-to-day basis is different from leading it. If you are going on a journey, your team is the engine, your manager is at the wheel and you are making sure that you are all travelling in the right direction!

Creating the creation – The How?

A motivated team with clear direction and strategy will get you so far but you will also need to know exactly how you are going to achieve your plans. You could make this information easily digestible to your team by breaking your business down into different areas.

Remember, this isn’t just a one-off exercise, it’s one that needs to be repeated on a regular basis, this will enable you to test and measure the results in your business and, where necessary, make appropriate adjustments.

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