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How Practice Plan helped one practice to switch!

When deliberating whether or not to make a major change in your business, such as switching your plan provider, there are a whole host of factors that you need to take the time to consider before you take the leap.

Here, Practice Manager, Manjit Gill, shares her own experience of how it was the personal touch the practice received which was ultimately one of the main deciding factors for them, when they made the decision to switch provider.

When our local regional support manager for Practice Plan first visited us at the practice, we weren’t actively looking to make a move from our current plan provider, in fact we were completely against the idea of switching. Despite this, over time, we began to find that we weren’t hearing regularly from our rep, so when our local Regional Support Manager, Amy, continued to pop in and see us every few months, sharing with us ways in which she could help us, we quickly started to form a relationship with her.

What set Amy apart was the way in which she showed a genuine interest in us and our business. Even better, she didn’t just build a relationship with me but with the whole team – so much so, they’d look forward to her visits. It was this personal touch which made all the difference, so when the pain of being with our current provider got too much, we made the decision to switch.

“It was this personal touch which made all the difference.”

The whole transition of switching between providers was seamless and throughout the process, and ever since, Amy has continued to provide us with the help and support that we needed to grow, not only our plan, but also to give the whole business a boost. She showed that she had listened to everything we had told her about what we wanted to achieve and with the rest of the Practice Plan team, they’ve delivered every time! The support that we’ve received from Practice Plan has also helped me with the overall management of the practice as Amy has been able to provide us with regular business advice and guidance on all aspects of practice management.

For me, Practice Plan are far more than just the providers of our dental plan. By listening to us and taking the time to get to know the team and the business, they have helped us to not only switch our plan but also to create a stronger brand image. Without the support of Practice Plan, we wouldn’t have been able to make our vision for the practice’s brand a reality. They took the time to understand what we wanted to do and showed us a way to achieve this and we’re delighted with outcome! Overall, the level of support and service has been amazing from expert marketing advice, fantastic design and events for the whole team to attend – Practice Plan has it all!

Manjit GillAbout Manjit Gill

Manjit is a Practice Manager for The Smile Practice, private practices situated in the heart of Oxford and Oxfordshire.




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