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How to build a motivated team

When you’re taking steps towards positive change in your business, having the right team on board is essential. A motivated and engaged team are more likely to support you and grow as your business grows. Here’s leading business coach, Peter Boolkah’s advice on how to build a motivated team in business.

I think the cornerstone of building a fantastic team is to employ the right people. So it’s about learning how to hire people. Most people who go into business don’t even know what they want. Business owners tend to think along the lines of, ‘I want a receptionist’. However, there is so much more to the process – if they want to be successful. As a business owner recruiting for a new team member, you need to ask yourself:

  • What kind of person do we want?
  • What qualifications should they have?
  • What job do we want them to do?

Otherwise, you may well end up with somebody who can’t do what is ultimately wanted and needed. At the end of the day, you need to hire someone you can gel with. If you don’t gel with them you’re not going to want to talk to them.

In my experience, most dentists have spent many years training to become a fantastic clinician but when they invest in their own practice they just start to build a team out of nothing. When and where did they learn to build a team? The answers are never and nowhere.

When you’re building a business you need to learn how to build a team.

While the vast majority of dentists won’t get complaints about clinical care, they may well do about the quality of service being offered, if the team is not up to scratch. So, I can’t emphasise enough that when you’re building a business you need to learn how to build a team. Effective communication is absolutely necessary. Indeed, people talk about effective communication but it’s not that easy to implement – especially without guidance.

Ask yourself,

  • What does effective communication look like?
  • How does it work?
  • And what do individuals need to change about their communication in order to succeed?

Can you answer those questions without help? I’d be surprised if you can answer them without advice and support tailored to your needs from an expert in the field of communication.

By clearly defining what you want from your team members and seeking guidance on perfecting your communication techniques, you can build a team who are motivated to get behind any new initiatives or business decisions, which may challenge their current thinking and working procedures.


About Peter 

An award-winning, fast-growth business coach, Peter Boolkah specialises in strategic planning, leadership and team development. Peter is the first European coach to be recognised in the ActionCOACH hall of fame – an organisation developed to train business coaches, using a certain process and methodology, to coach clients. He has worked with hundreds of large companies all over the world, has won 57 ActionCOACH awards to date, and guest lectures at Judge College in Cambridge. Peter also has over 20 years of experience in the world of corporate and business ownership within various industries – bringing together a diverse range of skills to his business coaching and training. Peter joined Fluid Business Coaching in 2006, where he has established a first-class reputation in the world of business coaching as one of the best rapid-growth mentors around.


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