14 Jan 2015  •  Practice Management  •  1min read By  • Ashley Latter

It’s Showtime

No matter how you feel when you get out of bed, Ashley Latter recommends you treat every minute of your working day as though it’s ‘showtime’.

When your patient comes to your practice for a consultation, more often than not they are looking for a life changing experience, therefore it’s essential that you put on a life changing performance.

For you, it may just be another consultation, but to the patient it’s something a whole lot bigger. Their issues could vary from a lack of self-confidence to low esteem, relationship issues to feeling the pressures of everyday work and home life.

So, by offering your patient the time to build rapport with you and giving them the chance to tell you what problems they’d like to be solved, the end result can end up being a life changing conversation for them, and an ongoing and profitable relationship for you!

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