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Keeping in Tune With Your Employees

Peninsula Business Services offer some simple-to-implement steps on how you can keep in tune with your employees, resulting in higher morale and stronger working relationships.

Give praise to your employees

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to praise them each day, however, every once in a while it’s good to check in with those employees that aren’t necessarily on your radar and tell them what a great job you think they are doing. You’ll be surprised at just what a morale boost it is when employees that do not normally get your attention are given praise – it really is encouraging.

Have regular one-to-one meetings

Regardless of other work commitments, make sure you schedule regular one-to-one meetings with your staff. These meetings will give you the opportunity to:

  • Discuss and review how individuals are performing
  • Ensure individuals are aware of the business objectives for the year
  • Outline what you expect from them
  • Discuss what else they need from you to enhance performance
  • Recognise the efforts and achievements of the individual.
Offer words of encouragement

If your employees aren’t clear on how they’re performing then they won’t know what areas in which to improve, which may have an impact on their confidence. Of course, not everybody will be performing to the best of their ability, and so, you may need to provide them with some words of encouragement.

Whilst doing so, you may find it of benefit to chat with them to see if you can get to the bottom of why they aren’t performing so well, as this will highlight whether any further training or additional tools are required to perform the task.

So, take some time to speak with your team and try out these steps for yourself – hopefully it will help to continue to boost morale and strengthen your employee/employer relationship.

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