31 Oct 2014  •  Practice Management  •  2min read By  • Laura Horton & Michael Bentley

Learn How You Can Provide Seamless Treatment Coordination to Each and Every One of Your Patients!

Treatment coordination experts Laura Horton and Michael Bentley, from Horton Consulting, share their five top tips on how you can be the best Treatment Coordinator (TCO) that you can be!

1. Demonstrate a fantastic experience from the beginning

The initial welcome patients receive on a first meeting is key. First impressions count and what you do in the first few minutes of meeting a patient can make all the difference. Ensure your initial meet and greet is prepared and performed correctly

2. Communication is key

The TCO often acts as the linchpin between the patient and the dentist. Learn to assess the personality of each patient quickly and be confident in the language and manner you talk to them. Ensuring you tailor the way you speak to each patient will help you to build a confident and comfortable one-to-one relationship with them.

3. Be interested, not interesting

Your role is to provide outstanding customer service to your patients and building a rapport with each of them is key. Focus on being genuinely interested in them, listen to what they are saying, ask open-ended questions and make them the sole focus of the conversation.

4. Understand objections and deal with them

Objections can come in all forms but the key is to take the time to listen to the patient so that you can understand and clarify their worries and concerns. Once you are fully informed, you can then provide an appropriate solution to the problem.

5. Develop a positive perception and build value

How you communicate and interact with a patient influences their perceptions. Learn to create a positive perception and to build value into the treatment and price you offer. Help the patient to understand the worth of the treatment so they in turn decide ‘yes, I want it!’

If you’re interested in hearing more top tips from Laura Horton and Michael Bentley, we have the event for you! Treatment Coordination LIVE! takes place on 25th November in Newcastle and will see the dynamic duo demonstrating first-hand best practice examples of how you can deliver amazing treatment coordination to your patients. To book your place, visit our events page or call us on 01691 684135.

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