14 Apr 2022  •  Blog, Mental Health  •  3min read By  • Gary Nelson

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Regional Support Manager, Gary Nelson harks back to his (relative) youth and finds an unexpected source of good advice for April’s Stress Awareness Month.

Almost 32 years ago, back in 1990, Vanilla Ice released those famous lyrics, ‘Stop, collaborate and listen’ as part of ‘Ice Ice Baby’. Anyone else feel a little older now?

I hope like me, you are now humming along to the tune, if you are then I have already had the desired effect. I made you STOP and THINK of something else other than daily stresses and strains for a minute.

There have been many huge indicators in the first quarter of 2022 that have made me write this blog.

Too many practice owners and decision makers are not taking the time out to Stop, Think and Plan.

Too many times each week this last quarter I am hearing statements such as:

‘We simply don’t have the time.’

’We are drowning in new patients and haven’t got enough time to see them.’

’We haven’t got time to organise’.

’We haven’t got time to communicate.’

’Every patient needs dental work and that it is taking up huge time in the diary.’ 

The above all have the common theme of TIME and remind me of a famous quote I have used all too often over the years:

‘You can always get more money, but you cannot get more time’ ~ Jim Rohn 

Let me take you back to pre-pandemic times 2019, 2018 and 2017.

One of the biggest drivers for many clients was TIME. It was discussed at virtually every single client and coaching meeting I conducted.

TIME …It was most likely the reason many practices changed to providing non-NHS care.

  • Time off
  • Time away
  • Time invested in the team
  • Time invested in study
  • Time booked out for meetings
  • Time booked out to look at the business
  • Time for coffee
  • Time for lunch

Yet TIME has become the currency we have invested in least recently.

YOU CAN take the TIME to do all the above if you allow yourself to just STOP.

Book the time out in your diaries to do the things on the list above. You owe it to yourself and your team.

My advice is this, look back to the past to learn lessons for the future, to be able to be the best care professional you simply must care for yourself and care for your teams first!

(By the way – Ice Ice Baby sold over 15 million copies in case you are wondering Pop Pickers)

Ice Ice Baby

Vanilla Ice Ice Baby ….


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