13 Apr 2021  •  Newsfeed  •  1min read

Dental market review 2020/21 reports strong recovery

Following its annual business outlook 2021 report published earlier in the year, specialist business property adviser Christie & Co has released its ‘Dental Market Review 2020/21’ report providing an in-depth analysis of the dental market in 2020 and outlook for 2021. In addition, the document outlines pricing trends, funding for the sector, an insider view on market sentiment, and testimonials from some of the sector’s leading operators.

The first national lockdown in March 2020 led to an instant and dramatic reduction in dental market activity but, as the profession slowly came to terms with the pandemic and the path to reopening practices became clearer, buyers tentatively re-engaged and, despite this challenging period, Christie & Co successfully completed on over £8.25m of dental practice sales, all of which had a significant NHS element.

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