27 Apr 2020  •  Podcasts, Practice Management, Marketing and Design  •  3min read By  • Practice Plan

A conversation with Shaz Memon

Les Jones talks to Shaz Memon about COVID-19 business survival planning.

After the success of his sell out book, Instagram for Dentists, Shaz shares his insights to support dental practices in navigating through this difficult period.

What you’ll hear today:
  • How to improve current systems – how to analyse this with the whole team
  • How to become a stronger practice – viewing your practice from a different perspective
  • Tips to improve your Instagram page – what content to include
  • How to gain more of the right followers – who to follow, posting frequency.
Who should listen:
  • Practice Owners and Managers
  • Anyone who leads a team.

*Recorded on 17th April 2020

About Shaz:
Regarded as one of the most creative minds in the dental digital marketing industry today, Shaz’s original company, Digimax, worked with some leading names from many sectors. They included the BBC, FHM, Barclays, UBS, HP, Lennox Lewis, Hiscox, James Caan, House of Fraser and McDonald’s.This was before he decided to use his wealth of experience gleaned across all industries to solely focus on creating a cutting-edge company that would grow into the groundbreaking and award-winning influence in the dental market that it is today – Digimax Dental.

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