6 Jul 2021  •  Podcasts  •  2min read By  • Practice Plan

Building my successful hygienist practice

Sarah Barnard, Regional Support Manager at Practice plan is joined with Siobhan Kelleher, qualified coach and dental hygienist to discuss her career in dentistry, her practice and the importance of promoting oral hygiene.

What you’ll hear:

  • How and why Siobhan got into dentistry
  • How she built her hygiene practice up
  • Her work on the NSK Ikigai Oral Hygiene Program
  • The importance of promoting oral hygiene
  • Advice and top tips for other hygienists

Who should listen:

  • Hygienists

About Siobhan:

Siobhan Kelleher qualified from University College Cork in 2002. She is the principal dental hygienist at Dental hygienist.ie, a dental hygiene practice within a general dental practice in Cork, Ireland. She is an opinion leader and educator with many of the leading dental companies. She presents nationally and internationally in the dental world and regularly contributes articles to a range of industry-leading magazines and newspapers. She is currently studying a MSc in Personal & Management Coaching. Siobhan’s passion is working as a dental hygiene coach and mentor; she supports teams in implementing successful dental hygiene departments within general practices and assists dental teams with systems to overcome the challenges of everyday practice.  Siobhan is one of the co-founders of the NSK Ikigai Oral Hygiene Program. She coaches clinicians on a one-to-one basis to identify and support them with desired goals and changes they seek in their lives. Siobhan was recognised in the dentistry top 50.

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