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Clustered practice UDC through COVID-19

Suki Singh, Regional Support Manager, talks to Kris Leeson, Principal Dentist at Thorpe Dental Group, about joining together cluster community practices to set up a UDC through COVID-19.

Detailing how this came about and what to consider moving towards the reopening of practices.

What you’ll hear:
  • How and why was the cluster UDC set up and what were the barriers
  • What does the UDC look like now
  • What plans are being implemented for reopening
  • What are the PPE challenges post lockdown
Who should listen:
  • All dental professionals.

*Recorded on 5th June 2020

**The playback resolution and quality of this recording is not usual standard

About Kris:

Kris is the principal dentist/owner of Thorpe Dental Group York.

He graduated in 2005 from University of Leeds. Kris has a special interest in the treatment of anxious patients and has gained extensive experience in the use of intravenous sedation.

He also has a special interest in dental implantology, and has completed his masters degree in implant dentistry from the University of Warwick.

In 2013 Kris passed his royal college of surgeons qualification.

In December 2012 Kris was crowned Winner Of The Dentistry Awards Best Young Dentist North East.

Outside of work Kris enjoys going to the gym, socialising and spending time with his young family.




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