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Considering the options open to young dentists and the importance of having a career plan

Petros Mylonas talks to Nigel Jones about the different career paths open to young dentists today. Having graduated only 5 years ago, Petros is at the beginning of his career, yet has a clear idea of the path he would like it to take. He discusses the different options that are open to younger dentists today and how their career goals may differ from that of their predecessors.

What you will hear today:
  • What are the career goals for young dentists today?
  • The variety of career options available
  • The pros and cons of the different career pathways
  • The importance of career planning

About Petros:

Petros is a Research Fellow in Prosthodontics at Kings College London Dental Institute and works as a part time GDP in private practice. Graduating in 2012, he’s completed his Dental Core Training and Academic Dental Core Training posts in restorative dentistry, oral surgery, oral medicine, and oral and maxillofacial surgery and is currently a divisional member of the FGDP (UK) West Midlands Division. He also held the post of past secretary of the BDA Hospitals Group West Midlands.

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