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Dental urgent and emergency care – the pinch point of the challenges facing dentistry

The issues faced in dental urgent and emergency care settings are often a magnified reflection of the problems in dentistry as a whole. Yasmin Allen discusses the current situation with Nigel Jones, explaining the improvements that are urgently required and the benefits of both NHS and private dentists understanding what urgent and emergency care settings are dealing with.

What you’ll hear:
  • Details of the current challenges facing urgent dental care
  • The ways in which things can be improved
  • The benefits digitisation could bring to an urgent care setting
  • Lessons that can be taken from the urgent care setting to benefit dentistry as a whole.

Who should listen:
  • Dental professionals working in urgent dental care services
  • Commissioners who are procuring, or who are about to procure urgent dental care services
  • Any practising dentists.
About Yasmin Allen:

Yasmin AllenAfter training as a dentist at Liverpool University in 2010, Yasmin was inspired to find out more about public health and the workings of the NHS. She has worked in general practice, secondary care, community services and public health, and in organisations including PHE, HEE, Local Authority, CCG, IUC and within an STP.

Her most recent projects include working with the North Central London STP, within urgent dental care, being part of a project team reviewing Mental Health LTP plans, developing factsheets for pharmacists on common dental problems, and on Mouth Care Matters – an initiative to improve oral health in care homes and hospitals.

In her spare time Yasmin enjoys drumming, snowboarding and anything outdoors. She has recently developed a travelogue video channel and is using her newly developed filming, editing and presenting skills to produce videos to illustrate the benefits of digital dentistry.

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