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How to attract new patients by developing your marketing strategy

Discover Chris Barrow’s tips and guidance on how you can get more of your existing patients into the appointment book, as well as how you can attract new patients through the door of your dental practice all by focusing upon your marketing strategy in this episode of Bodcast, hosted by Sales and Marketing Director, Nigel Jones.

What you’ll hear today:
  • The importance of allocating sufficient time, money and people to your marketing activity
  • How to allocate sufficient time, money and people to your marketing activity
  • Chris’ advice on introducing a ‘marketing champion’ into your team
  • Tactics to help you to get more of your existing patients back in your appointment book
  • How to adopt an effective word of mouth protocol
  • Tips on how to attract new patients into your practice.
About Chris Barrow

Chris BarrowChris has been a trainer, consultant, coach and mentor to the UK dental profession for 23 years. He combines a wealth of knowledge with the originality and independence needed to resolve the thorniest of problems. Straight talking and determined, he can reach conclusions quickly, and has the reflexes and lightness of touch to innovate, change tack and push boundaries.

A leading authority on the business of dentistry, Chris regularly contributes to the dental press, social media and online and has co-authored books and published a series of e-books on the business of dentistry. Chris spends most of his professional time mentoring independent dental entrepreneurs under the “Coach Barrow” brand.

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