17 Oct 2017  •  Podcasts, Practice Management, Marketing and Design  •  2min read By  • Practice Plan

How to sell effectively within a dental practice

Business consultant, Simon Tucker offers expert advice about the best ways to improve the way your team communicates with patients. He looks at how the right kind of conversations can impact the business by increasing patient loyalty and leading to higher treatment uptake.

What you’ll hear today:
  • The best way to increase treatment uptake
  • The key questions to ask patients to generate the right conversations
  • The most common mistakes made when communicating in practice
  • What stops patients saying yes to treatment
About Simon Tucker

SImon TuckerSimon is a salesman, an experienced business builder and a people developer. He has worked nationally and internationally with some of the leading dental companies in a variety of management and leadership roles. He is currently the owner of Profitable Conversation, providing consultancy, sales training, communication skills, leadership, business development and marketing to dentists, dental businesses and SMEs.



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