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HR policies – How to deal with grievances in your dental practice

Discover Employment and HR Solicitor, Sarah Buxton’s advice on how to deal with grievances in your dental practice in this episode of Bodcast. In it, Sarah is joined by host, Area Sales Manager, Zoe Close, to share her guidance on the best way to investigate a grievance to avoid a subsequent employment tribunal claim.

What you’ll hear today:
  • An explanation of the definition of a grievance as outlined by the ACAS Code on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
  • Guidance on what the consequences of failing to follow the ACAS Code are for employers
  • Tips and advice on dealing with grievances about other employees and whether you should deal with a grievance once the employee has left the practice.
About Sarah Buxton

Sarah specialises in acting exclusively for dentists, dental managers and dental practice owners in all aspects of HR and Employment Law and is a Director at FTA Law. Sarah advises dental practices on managing and motivating their staff, dealing with sickness absence, assisting with making changes to employment contracts and, if needed, how to bring the employment relationship to an end. Sarah also has in-depth knowledge of the NHS Regulations and of the CQC and how this effects the employment relationship in a dental practice.

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