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Judith Husband’s views on the current challenges faced by the profession

Listen as host, Sales and Marketing Director, Nigel Jones and Judith Husband take an in-depth look into the issues which are currently facing the dental profession in this episode of Bodcast.

What you’ll hear today:
  • An insight into the key challenges currently facing the profession
  • Judith’s views on whether the Government’s consultation on regulation will address the professions’ confidence when it comes to interacting with patients
  • The latest state of play with the use of amalgam plus a consideration of whether the NHS can afford a wider range of materials
  • Judith’s insight into where the BDA sees their role in helping the dental profession through the maze of decisions that they have to make.
About Judith Husband

Judith HusbandJudith Husband is a clinical dentist working in secure setting dental care, such as Bullingdon Community Prison, sits on the BDA Executive Board and is a member of the Wesleyan Advisory Board. She is also Chair of The Oxfordshire Local Dental Committee. She has a wide experience of healthcare reforms, liaising with significant stakeholders and keeping up to date with changes throughout healthcare, in particular NHS dentistry.

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