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The key to multi-site communication

Nathan Wallis talks to Les Jones about how multi-site practices and corporates should organise their communications to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and employee engagement.

What you’ll hear:
  • The importance of effective communications in any workplace, particularly within multi-site organisations
  • What practises should be adopted to facilitate good communications
  • How to ensure your team is on board

Who should listen:
  • Multi-site owners and managers looking to improve communications
  • Those interested in the development of business communications
  • Managers wanting tips on how best to structure communications in their team
About Nathan Wallis:

Nathan WallisNathan Wallis has over a decade of corporate communications experience working in both media relations and internal communications across multiple sectors. He is now Head of Corporate Communications and Engagement for Wesleyan and also takes care of corporate responsibility, supporting charities and community groups nationwide. A father of three with a keen interest in the education sector, Nathan has won awards for change management communications and is a recognised industry speaker.


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