28 Jan 2020  •  Podcasts, Practice Management  •  3min read

The benefits of holding an open day in your practice

Sophie and Pippa from our events team share their expert advice for event planning. They explain the benefits of holding an open day and provide top tips for making sure you get the best from your event.

What you’ll hear:
  • Why dental practices should hold events
  • Key things to consider when planning an event
  • The importance of following up afterwards.
Who should listen:
  • Practice owners and managers who are considering an open event
  • Practice teams planning open events
  • Dentists trying to grow their patient numbers.
About Pippa:

PippaPippa is the Events and Marketing Team Leader at Practice Plan, working in the events team to provide events exclusively for both Practice Plan dental practices and prospective clients across the UK. The team provides an array of events covering many topics, including: increasing treatment uptake, how to convert from the NHS to private, the annual Workshop Tour and the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show, just to name a few! Pippa has worked at Practice Plan for the last three years and has recently completed her Masters in Business from Manchester Metropolitan University.


About Sophie:


As part of the Events and Marketing team at Practice Plan, Sophie organises a wide range of events. From regional events and workshop tours that are practical and packed full of cutting-edge advice and tips to help our members drive their practices forward, to hosting theatres at the dental shows and planning NHS events with expert panellists. With a creative background, Sophie has worked in marketing for over eight years, with three of those at Practice Plan specialising in events.



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