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Welcome to the Practice Plan Business of Dentistry podcast – Bodcast!

Bodcast was the first podcast to be produced by a plan provider in the UK. It delivers content that is relevant to the entire dental team and features some of the biggest names in dentistry including Eddie Crouch, Tony Kilcoyne, Chris Barrow and Ashley Latter, along with specialists in communication, law, digital marketing and the CQC.

Episodes are released weekly and cover topics such as:
  • Effective plan management
  • Marketing your dental practice
  • The future of dentistry
  • Practice management and team development
  • Peer interviews
  • HR and employment law
  • Buying and selling a practice
  • Improving your customer experience

There really is something for everyone!

Listening couldn’t be easier!

All of the episodes of Bodcast are available right here on the Practice Plan blog, making it quick and easy for you! You can also subscribe via iTunes to receive each new episode as soon as it’s launched!

We are also keen to tackle the subjects that you want to know about so if you have something specific you’d like us to cover in an episode of Bodcast, please email hello@practiceplan.co.uk with your suggestions.

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