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The difference between brand and branding!

Don’t miss this episode of Bodcast with host Les Jones, Creative Director at Practice Plan which focuses on marketing your dental practice. Les shares his knowledge on the importance of developing a strong brand for your dental practice and provides his expert advice on the key areas you need to focus on.

What you’ll hear today:
  • Why brand is important
  • The difference between brand and branding
  • Les’ expert advice on why the following four distinct areas all need your attention and focus when developing your brand: products and services, physical environment, collateral and your team
  • Whether a strong, powerful and charismatic brand can be created in a small practice.
Les JonesAbout Les Jones

Not only is Les Creative Director at Practice Plan but he is also a professional designer, photographer and business speaker with over 30 years’ experience in branding and marketing. He has been working specifically within the dental industry since 2010, helping dentists increase their profits and sales through the development of powerful collateral and the implementation of simple and effective marketing techniques. Les is also the host of all episodes of Bodcast around how to market your dental practice.

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