18 Aug 2016  •  Podcasts, Our News  •  2min read

The Practice Plan Workshop Tour 2016 – The 10% Push

In this special episode of Bodcast, Les Jones is joined by Simon Tucker to provide an unmissable insight into what you can expect from the expert duo at the upcoming Practice Plan Workshop Tour!

What you’ll hear today
  • An overview of what you can expect in this year’s interactive and practical workshop.
  • Les and Simon explain the concept behind the 10% Push.
  • Simon shares how he will be providing practical hints and tips on how to make the most of your existing patient base.
  • Les explains how he will be looking at how to attract new patients to your practice on the day.

For further information or to book your place on the Workshop Tour, head over to our Events page.

SImon TuckerAbout Simon Tucker

Simon is a salesman, an experienced business builder and a people developer. He has worked nationally and internationally with some of the leading dental companies in a variety of management and leadership roles. He is currently the owner of Profitable Conversation, providing consultancy, sales training, communication skills, leadership, business development and marketing to dentists, dental businesses and SMEs.

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