2 Jul 2019  •  Podcasts  •  2min read

What the rollout of the new contract really means for NHS dentistry

Nigel Jones talks to Eddie Crouch about the rollout of the revised NHS England contract. They discuss the impact that Brexit may have on the planned timescales for rollout and what he thinks it will really mean for the profession.

What you’ll hear:
  • The timescales of the rollout and what it might look like
  • The effect of the current political climate
  • The financial impact of the revised rollout on practices.
Who should listen:
  • NHS dentists
  • Owners of a mixed practice
  • All dental professionals with an interest in the NHS contract.
About Eddie:

Eddie Crouch

Eddie Crouch works in two practices in Birmingham. He is Chairman of the Birmingham Local Dental Committee, Vice Chairman of the British Dental Association Principal Executive Committee and past Chairman of Central Counties Branch of the British Dental Association.

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