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Why I resigned from the prototype programme

Nigel Jones talks to Joe Hendron about his decision to withdraw his practice from the prototype programme earlier this year and why he also decided to write an open letter to Jeremy Hunt explaining the reasons why.

What you’ll hear:
  • Why Joe decided to withdraw from the prototype programme
  • The personal and professional costs he came across by taking part in the programme
  • Joe’s views on NHS dentistry and the future of contract reform

Who should listen:
  • Anyone considering joining the prototype programme
  • Dentists who will be working with the new contract when it is rolled out
  • Anyone interested in the progress of contract reform
About Joe Hendron:

Joe HendronJoe Hendron is the LDC Conference Chairman and practice owner of St Michael’s Dental Practice in Wakefield. He became one of the most talked about dentists in the country in February when he withdrew his practice from the prototype programme and wrote an open letter to Jeremy Hunt outlining his reasons why.

Joe is passionate about the NHS and about contract reform, having previously been part of the pilot programme.


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