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Your website: the window to your business – Top reasons patients won’t engage with your website

Your website acts like an online window to your business but what is it saying about you? In this episode of Bodcast, host Branding and Communications Manager, Sian Grace talks to Google Consultant Naz Haque about how to ensure your website is both meeting and exceeding patient expectations so that they start to build relationships with your business.

What you’ll hear today:
  • Naz’s insight into what makes an unsuccessful website
  • Guidance on what patients are looking for online
  • How to pinpoint why patients choose your dental practice to ensure you’re pushing out the right messages
  • The importance of making sure that your dental practice has a website.
About Naz Haque

Naz HaqueNaz Haque, is the Google Consultant for Dental Focus and is the leading consultant in search engine optimisation (SEO) for the dental industry. Through Dental Focus, as an expert in SEO, Naz has been helping dentists grow their business, attract more patients, increase their monthly revenue and achieve their dreams.



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