6 May 2021  •  Videos, NHS  •  2min read

My successful journey from the NHS to private practice

Louise Hunter decided to move away from the NHS and into private practice after reaching a point where she was ‘sick of being on that treadmill’.

Her associates at Louise Hunter & Associates in Northumberland continued offering NHS services but Louise had had enough and moved to private in 2017.

Now she says she is ‘actually enjoying her job again’ – watch now to understand her journey.

If recent events have made you realise that you would like to objectively analyse your situation and gain insights into the suitability of your practice converting to private dentistry, either partially or fully, then one thing you can rely on us for is an honest answer.

Our long-standing team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals have helped 100s of dentists make successful and life-changing full or partial moves to private dentistry with the introduction of patient membership plans

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